Newsletter Archive

  • Newsletter December 2021
    CONTENTS: Posts: ‘Dual Circulation Strategy’: China’s „new development model“ / Numbers mystique at ChinAfrica Forum // News: Europe’ response to Belt&Road: ‘Global Gateway’ / 20th Anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation / Debt debate: Highway to Disinformation? / Frigate ‚Bayern’ demonstrates to Beijing where the hammer is hanging // Readings: Changes in Beijing’s economic involvement: Adaptation and Agency.
  • Newsletter November 2021
    CONTENTS: Posts: Beijing reports boom in foreign trade; Konflikte um das Südchinesische Meer. News: Courting the Bride Africa; Under Observation by the Regional Rival; Kämpfe entlang der Seidenstraßen; Webinar: China and the World. Reviews: Patrick Bond, China’s Role in Africa’s Development; Zeitschrift ‘Wissenschaft und Frieden’: Chinas Welt? – Konflikte und Kooperation
  • Newsletter October 2021
    Contents: Posts: Coal Phase-out top down; Kohleausstieg ‘par ordre de mufti’ News: ASEAN’s emergent key role; China and Europe: Cooperation in Africa; „Global Gateway“ – Europe’s connectivity competition; Update: Compensation for “no more coal-fired plants abroad” Readings: How ‘multilateral’ is the AIIB?; Global Perspectives on China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Newsletter September 2021
    Contents: Blogs: Xi Jinping: “No new coal power abroad” (Guest post by Tom Baxter) / Newsletter August 2021 News: Myanmar: Moving closer to the military regime Readings: Debt debate: Digging into a ‘Black Hole’. 
  • Newsletter August 2021
    Contents: Blog post: The Risks of worker’s unrest; News: „Greening“ Belt & Road; Beijings human rights offensive; Readings: Overseas investments and human rights; Public perceptions of BRI and sustainability.
  • Newsletter July 2021
    Contents: Blog post on options for Beijing in Afghanistan: ‚From free rider to train driver?’; Guest post by Ying Wang on Chinese NGOs ‚Going global’; Blog roll: The People’s Map of Global China; Blog roll: Workers Struggles along the New Silk Roads (in German); News: Who Funds Overseas Coal Plants? Readings: The Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on Conflict States.
  • Newsletter June 2021
    Contents: Blog post on ‘Build Back Better World’, the US-copy of BRI; European bailout for Montenegro; Call for boycott of Myanmar’s jade industry; Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Europe in 2020; Chinas technological influence in Southeast Asia through the Digital Silk Road; Environmental Authoritarianism: Review of ‘China goes green’ by Yifei Li and Judith Shapiro.
  • Newsletter May 2021
    Contents: Blog posts on Europe’s geopolitical ghost ride in the Indo-Pacific; “Debt diplomacy” as a popular refrain in the intensifying debate about China’s economic and political expansion. A new book on ‘how a former socialist country rescues world capitalism’; Reviews of Jonathan Hillman’s book ‘The Emperor’s New Road’ and a study on ‘social risks to sustainable development’ in China’s BRI.